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Prosthodontics and General Dentistry with Dr. Diana Fat


Diana C. Fat, DDS, has over 18 years worth of experience serving patients with specialized and general dental care. As a prosthodontist, she is trained in the art of aesthetic and restorative dentistry.  Prosthodontists are specifically qualified to carry out procedures that improve comfort, function, and aesthetics, whether they involve dental implants, dentures, bridges, or teeth whitening.

We welcome referral patients to our Midtown Sacramento dental office, as well as those without a referral who are looking for comprehensive dental care. To learn more, we encourage you to browse our website or call us today to speak to a member of our team. 


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Our Mission and Care Philosophy: Customized Treatment

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Our goal is to provide patients with friendly, high-quality dental care and healthy, fully-functioning smiles that look and feel great. If you are interested in general, restorative, or cosmetic treatment, our prosthodontist and her team meet your needs with individualized treatment plans. 

Patient education is another important part of our approach to care; we believe in informing before we perform any procedures. If any dental conditions are present in your smile, we provide as much information as possible about causes and treatments. We work with you at every step, from consultation to financing, to ensure you can make confident decisions about your care. 

Whether you came to see our prosthodontist and team with specific goals in mind, or you were looking for a new dental office, we take our time to engage you in your treatment plan. Our patients receive equal attention from our dental specialist and staff through comprehensive exams and compassionate care.

What you can Expect as a Patient

If you are new to our practice or coming back for a follow-up visit, we are sensitive to your schedule, which is why we make plenty of time for you and do not keep you waiting. Our method of individualized dentistry begins with a thorough evaluation for first-time visitors, which typically includes a full set of X-rays, charting of existing restorations and gum health, photos of your smile, and checks to determine blood pressure and overall health history.

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Dr. Fat visits with each patient to discuss their concerns and what they are hoping to achieve with care from our office.  This fact-finding appointment provides our team with a perfect opportunity to get to know you and create a treatment strategy to meet your expectations. 

Ask Dr. Fat about Cosmetic and General Dentistry!

Whether you need a general cleaning or full mouth rehabilitation with implants and prosthetics, we provide customized service and individualized treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about insurance or treatment options, schedule a consultation today to speak to a representative from our office. Our success is your satisfaction.