Comprehensive Dental Restorations - Full Smile Makeovers in Sacramento, CA 

Dr. Fat and her staff believe all dental patients deserve full, healthy smiles. At our practice in Sacramento, we offer complete reconstructive service for patients in need of totally renovated smiles. While we are able to improve aesthetics, we are also prepared to improve or restore functionality, enabling you to chew and bite with full strength and confidence.

Whether you need one new tooth or an entire assortment of functional and aesthetic teeth replacements, Dr. Fat helps you achieve the smile you need for a healthy lifestyle. Contact our office today to learn more about your options for full dental reconstruction with our dental specialist and team. 


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dental reconstruction in sacramento

Smile Makeover Options with Dr. Fat

We offer reconstructive services, including but not limited to:

Dental implants provide the foundation for the bulk of restorative and reconstructive procedures at our office. With implant posts in place, Dr. Fat can provide stabilized porcelain crowns, bridges, or dentures – all of which mimic your natural teeth. While we strive to save original teeth that can be restored, we are able to completely replace severely damaged and failing teeth with dental implant procedures.

In less complex restorations cases, traditional dental bridges can be used to fill large gaps where individual implants cannot be installed, due to nerves or issues with the surrounding gum tissue. Dental bridges utilize durable and aesthetic crowns to fill the visible gaps in your smile.

The Goal of Comprehensive Dental Reconstruction

Our dental specialist and her team are committed to fully reconstructing your smile, returning your teeth to an optimum level of health and functionality. We achieve this through effective procedures that are proven successful at solving any dental issue you may be experiencing. Your journey to a fully restored smiled is customized to your needs and ultimate goals. With every recommended procedure, we keep your ultimate health and satisfaction in mind.  

The time spent completing your treatment plan is well work the end result. 

Learn More about Full Smile Restorations Sacramento!

If you are faced with an imperfect smile that needs comprehensive care, including teeth replacement and restoration, Dr. Fat and her team can help. We are skilled in the development of comprehensive treatment plans and can work with you if you have any financial concerns; we believe everyone has the right to a healthy, complete smile regardless of resources. Let us restore your smile to full strength!