Full & Partial Dentures in Midtown Sacramento with Diana C. Fat, DDS

Diana Fat, DDS offers customized and efficient denture services in San Francisco. Her practice is equipped to manufacture full dentures and partial dentures in-house. Our patients avoid the wait times and hassle associated with sending requests to outside laboratories for fabrication of dental prosthetics.

Whether you are missing a small group of teeth or require full mouth restoration, our teeth replacement specialist outfits you with quality-crafted dentures that enable you to chew effectively and smile confidently. 


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Denture Assessment and CustomizationDentures & Partial Dentures in Midtown Sacramento, CA

Partial and full dentures are produced in our lab and are customized to specifications created during this assessment and consultation. We often have our clients bring in pictures taken when their smiles were fuller to give us an idea of how their facial structure should look with a complete set of teeth. 

Not every denture is uniform; if a patient prefers their new teeth to perfectly resemble their original smile (i.e. rounded corners, colors, or other defining characteristics) we work with them to provide dentures that capture a youthful and natural aesthetic. 

Sacramento Denture Options at Dr. Fat’s Office

Conventional Full Dentures

For patients missing all of their natural teeth, our customized full dentures serve as a suitable replacement that allows you to chew normally and smile with confidence. For patients with some remaining teeth that are damaged and require removal, we provide immediate dentures; after extraction, you are provided dentures in the same appointment that allow you to function while your custom, permanent dentures are completed. 

Removable Complete Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are useful for patients with some remaining healthy teeth in an arch. The replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base, the color of which is made to match your natural gums. Partial dentures not only fill the empty space left by extracted teeth but also prevent nearby teeth from shifting, which causes discomfort and increases the need for orthodontics is misalignment is severe. Partial dentures serve as an effective preventive measure, ultimately saving patients time and money.

Removable Partial Dentures:

Removable Denture Alternatives

While traditional dentures allow you to function normally, dental implants can provide an improved foundation for prosthetics that is fixed in place and will not slide while speaking or eating. Dentures supported by implants are stronger and feel more natural than their removable counterparts. As not everyone prefers implants treatment, it’s important to talk to find out smile restoration option is best for you.

For those who have already been fitted with dentures, but find their appliances to be uncomfortable, Dr. Fat’s office offers in-house laboratory to reline your appliances. While your original dentures are being repaired, we provide you with a temporary appliance.

Other Denture Options Dr. Diana Fat Offers


Locator Retained Overdenture:


Fixed Hybrid Dentures:


Bar Retained Overdenture:


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Diana C. Fat, DDS, and her highly-trained staff are dedicated to helping you achieve a full and healthy looking smile. With the necessary denture in place, you can resume normal chewing function and display a happy smile. Call today to find out more about denture treatment options in Sacramento.