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Dr. Diana Fat understands the importance of prevention when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing. We offer comprehensive dental services with bi-annual appointments in addition to dental education to help patients developing oral hygiene routines at home. These steps are essential in avoiding the need for extensive treatment later in life and caring for the teeth you have. Dr. Fat works to educate all of her patients and promotes thorough preventive routines.

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Educating Patients of All Ages

The accumulation of harmful plaque can persist, even if patients maintain regular brushing habits. While effective brushing addresses the visible parts of teeth, small bits of debris can gather between your teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas at the back of the mouth. This is why flossing and rinsing are essential to your oral health; these activities prevent gum disease (periodontitis) which has a negative effect on both your smile and your overall health. Dr. Fat provides tips on cleaning all sides of teeth each morning and night, such as the correct angle to hold your toothbrush and how to curve floss around each tooth.

During appointments, we take detailed intraoral photos, which help us determine the health of your smile and plan for necessary treatments. Our highly-trained hygienists are great at instilling positive oral health habits while building long-lasting relationships with patients. We ensure you leave our office with an understanding of your current health status and how we can work together to improve or maintain your wellness.

Thorough General Dental Treatment at our Sacramento Dental Office

Our hygienists have extensive experience with deep cleanings and are able to perform scaling and root planing for patients with plaque and signs of periodontal disease. This helps prevent the development of gum disease, which eventually leads to tooth loss. We also perform oral cancer screenings to catch any potential warning signs as early as possible.  For patients with teeth compromised by decay, Dr. Diana Fat offers tooth-colored fillings, which stop the spread of decay and allow you to enjoy a seamless smile.

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Our friendly hygienists use with state-of-the-art technology to recommend effective treatments. With this equipment on hand, we are able to diagnose issues such as sleep apnea and TMD.

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The condition of your smile and your overall health are linked. In order to preserve both, it’s important to keep regular appointments with our trusted dental specialist in addition to maintaining effective hygiene routines between visits. To learn more about how effective dentistry can preserve your health, schedule a consultation with Dr. Diana Fat in Sacramento today!

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