Midtown Sacramento TMD Treatment with Diana C. Fat, DDS

If you’re having difficulty comfortably moving your jaw, or are experiencing headaches and impaired chewing ability, you may have a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMD). The temporomandibular joint itself, or TMJ, allows you to open and close your mouth smoothly and easily. But this ability can be compromised by many conditions, such as stress and poor dental alignment. In these cases, patients should seek treatment right away to ensure their comfort and health.

Dr. Diana C. Fat and her highly-trained staff are available to restore comfortable dental function with TMJ therapy in Sacramento. 


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Diagnosing Causes of TMD

Patients with TMD often experience soreness during jaw movement or lockjaw, which is why Dr. Fat fully examines your jaw at your appointment, checking for signs of irritation or inflammation and noises such as popping and clicking. We also use special instruments to measure the full range of your jaw movement. 

If the examination does not adequately locate the source of your discomfort, Dr. Fat performs a full scan with specialized x-rays. These scans are sent to an imaging group for analysis of jaw structures. In the meantime, you will be provided with home-care tips and other services intended to create easier dental function. 

Dental Appliances for TMJ Pain and other TMD Symptoms

Dr. Fat’s goal is to repair the core problem that has created stiff and limited joint movement. For many patients, appliance therapy with splints and mouth guards is recommended to take the stress off their bite and allows tense jaw muscles to relax. 

Splints, which are manufactured in-house, are a comprehensive way to address TMD. A mouth guard protects your teeth from grinding and clenching and relieves tension and tightness from muscles and ligaments, but splints assist in adjusting your bite. With balanced and healthy bite alignment, jaw structure is correctly positioned for fluid movement. 

We offer a wide variety of splints, all of which are custom-made in our own office with your comfort in mind.

At-Home Tips for Patients with TMJ Problems

In addition to appliance therapy, Dr. Fat advises patients on eating habits and exercises that maximize comfort and reduce inflammation of jaw joints. These tips can be followed at home and often include the following recommendations:

  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Use a hot or cold compress as necessary to dull discomfort and soothe tense muscles
  • Eat softer foods to minimize chewing action and reduce jaw irritation
  • Avoid excessive jaw movement beyond slight stretching or relaxing
  • Do not chew hard, dense, sticky, or inedible items, such as gum, fingernails, pen tops, and candy

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If you need relief from the discomfort associated with TMD, Dr. Fat and her staff work with you to restore comfort and repair any damage. While TMD is varied in its causes, symptoms, and effects, it can be addressed to ensure your health. Don’t live with jaw pain. Call today for an appointment and let us make it easy for you to smile again!